We Welcome Complex Issues

We analyze your business issues and interview your people to create the right solutions and action plans

Since the 1980’s, we’ve been delivering solutions to solve challenging business issues. These days, not much surprises us, but the reasons behind each issue are unique. What’s key is that you receive the right, unique solution for your challenges.

We are experienced, with perspectives from working with some of America’s largest and most successful companies, as well as with hundreds of small and mid-size businesses. We’ve started, run and owned small businesses, too.

We can identify with your issues no matter how complex or straightforward they are. Read on to learn more.

Trust is key

You deserve advice you can trust.

We produce concrete, not iffy ideas. Our insights are based on careful research and three decades of experience working with Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies, small and midsize businesses.

You can have the confidence in our advice and insights because they’ve been widely published in the media and validated by strong client satisfaction. Our research on working with and managing Millennials has been featured in publications such as Texas CEO, Financial Times and FOX Business. Holmes’ insights on motivating, retaining and managing employees have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, CBS Money Watch, HR Executive, Drake Business Review, the Dallas Morning News and many others.

We want you to have confidence in our work and we feel fortunate that our credibility and thirty-three year track record are solid. We understand that creating trust is ongoing, not something to be taken lightly, and we’d like to earn yours.

What’s our leadership philosophy?

Mark Holmes began his career with the National Leadership Institute of Austin, Texas where he coordinated and lead training workshops nationwide. During those early years, Mark discovered that many leaders focused on driving results through processes and systems but the better leaders improved results by focusing on people, values and culture. But the best leaders, focused on both results and relationships.

Our Leadership Development Philosophy

“Mark, I never connected getting optimal results with better employee relationships, until your session. Your insights have been invaluable to our company.” CEO, midsize company

Admittedly, we believe that creating results balanced with creating positive relationships with people is the surest way to competitive viability and better success in the future.

If you want expert support or guidance for your personal leadership development coaching, change management project or insights to help you accomplish a critical strategic issue, we’d love to help.

Making Improvements in Leadership Or Organizational Effectiveness.

Analysis and Change Management

Over the years, our work with clients has been framed around our experience advising and coaching some remarkable leaders - as well as leaders who were struggling.

Our interviews of more than 1,000 leaders, business owners, managers, supervisors and professional staff provides our clients with fresh insights to avoid common mistakes, but it also serves as a veritable goldmine of wisdom that can yield greater success.

Making Investments In Personal Development

Your leaders want useful personal development, but engaging an outside advisor or coach is one that requires a careful decision.

You want to be comfortable that you’ve made the right decision about who to use. Let’s have a discussion together about your challenges, and see if there’s a good fit for our help.

Committed To Personal Development, Coaching And Consulting

We have invested tens of thousands of dollars in hiring coaches to help us refine our own practice, our processes and skills, and to earn numerous professional certifications. We wouldn’t tell you to invest in personal development if we weren’t doing it ourselves.

You are the experts in your business, and we have an expertise. Working together, we can help you with an entire challenge from needs assessment to recommendations and execution or we can analyze your challenge and create a recommended action plan so that you can take it from there.


We love working one-on-one and in larger client-group settings. We’ll take on an entire challenge from needs assessment to recommendations and execution or analyze the challenge and make a recommended action plan so that you can take it from there.

  • “Thank you for your wonderful work and the “Manager Makeover” with our manager. You’ve helped a strong manager become an even better one. Her staff tells me they have definitely noticed an improvement in the areas you identified. In fact, they are comfortable openly joking about it. It’s definitely a closer-knit team. I believe your process can help any manager, not just “problem” ones.” Burrell Communications Group
  • “Your high quality training on Customer Service, Teamwork, Leadership and Communication have been crucial to us.” Silver Dollar City
  • “Very much appreciated your service, this stuff really works! You came in, took the time to learn about our company, added your previous knowledge of the industry and gave us the tools to succeed and grow. Still today we are utilizing and referring to your teachings!” Ozarks Restaurants/Treadwell
  • “Mark, I find it hard to believe it has been more than 10 years since we first sat together in your office. I believe the skills and development issues we worked on have been the foundation for my professional success since then. I often refer to the teachings and materials we spent time covering. I’m thankful the company found a coach who was so effective at leading me through such important material.” Executive Director

  • “Mark Holmes has been instrumental to our recent and future success. He has enhanced our ability to set and achieve goals, recognize and address key issues and create a better workplace.”
  • "Mark Holmes's superior understanding of organizational dynamics can help any leader discover ways to encourage team unity and maximize productivity. His coaching and training put us on a fast track that led to exponential growth!" John Lindell, Lead Pastor, James River Church