Does Training Pay Off?

What happens when your people return to their jobs?

It’s easy to return to old ways and not use much of what was learned. Using repetition tools and reminders improves learner use. From self-paced materials, short videos, recorded webinars, manager’s coaching guides and short e-books we’ll make a follow-through learning plan with you. This increases your training ROI while staying on your budget.

Short videos help keep the learning fresh and relevant for your people.

What’s our approach?

“Plan with the end in mind,” emphasized author Stephen Covey. Our experience indicates that to get great training payoffs, begins with a good training plan.

We delve into your business objectives, challenges and desired outcomes with a needs assessment. We interview your people regarding goals, leadership, communications, teamwork, and future success. We combine interviews and surveys for the right mix of insights.

Once we assess the feedback we create a training solution that fits your learner’s needs and your company’s culture, and one that melds learning with your organization’s metrics.

lecture by prof.

We combine the use of training tools such as instructor led teachings, customized scenario-exercises, games and simulations to engage your learners and deliver practical insights.

When you sign off on our plan, we turn our focus 100 percent to your people by designing the learning to fit specific challenges and to incorporate the learning into their daily responsibilities.

One manager had this to say…

This was by far the best supervision training we have been provided in years. Beats all others hands down. Provided a perfect mix of exercises, limited lecturing, and was actually fun. Great job, Mark.

Learning can pay off, and it can be fun at the same time.