Your customer’s experience relies on two aspects.


Your customers want an excellent solution or product, but they also want excellent treatment. A one-sided experience, even if it’s excellent, will be disastrous on future customer loyalty because both aspects are valued highly.

Our goal is to help you achieve excellent levels of service, consistently. You can increase brand strength and sales with great customer service, but your training must address critical gaps in your customer’s satisfaction and loyalty.

What’s driving your customer’s expectations?

Delivering positive customer experiences is on everyone’s mind today, and for good reason.

According to studies, more than 50 percent of the reason for a buyer’s dissatisfaction with a B2B purchase is due to the purchase experience not the product.

Customers initially buy because of the product or solution,
but they leave because of the service.

How can we help your team?

We help you navigate the test of customer expectations today in two ways.

If your challenge is inspiring employees to follow your proven service model consistently, we provide a solution to accomplish it. But, if your challenge is for a more customer-centric service model, one that’s perfectly suited to your customer’s expectations today, we work with you to create and even implement the right process and training.

“The key to your bottom-line is through your frontline giving top-of-the-line service,” Mark Holmes says. Customer care depends largely on your customer-facing employees, and it’s either a weak link or a strong suit for your company.

Mark’s bestseller, Wooing Customers Back: How to give great service and increase your own success, addresses the skills and attitudes customer-facing employees need today. Our experience from conducting thousands of mystery shopping purchases and client-customer satisfaction surveys, reveals that essential service skills and attitudes are missing in about one out of every two customer experiences.

Our sweet spot is helping you maximize the customer’s experience, and implementing a powerful service culture to sustain customer loyalty and generate profits well into the future. It won’t cost you anything to find out if we can help.

Custom teachings, small group brainstorming exercises and serious-games give your employees a highly engaging experience and the insights to improve customer loyalty.

Sample: Customer Service Training

We focus customer service training on your challenges specifically, so that every exercise, simulation, game or teaching ties back to your objectives.

How To Give Great Service

A. Seeing Your Role As A Company Representative Through The Customer’s Eyes
B. 3 Huge Benefits of Teamwork: A Team-based Approach To Service
C. Customer Excellence: How to Make Positive Impressions
D. 4 Facts Everyone Should Know About Customer Expectations
E. 6 Sins of Service
F. 10 Ways To Exceed Customer Expectations
G. 28 Ways To Impress Customers
H. The Magnitude of Our Attitude: The High Cost Of Negativity
I. 5 Attitude Essentials For Remaining Positive Even When Customers Are Unreasonable
J. Solving Customer Issues, Dissatisfaction and Complaints With LAST
K. 7 Steps For Mastering Meaningful Conversations With Customers
L. Listening Skills For Customer Service


  • "After 15 years we still use your service-based selling system, WISE. It has been great! It definitely stands the test of time!” Silver Dollar City

  • "Excellent presentation on Wooing Customers Back. It was very inspiring and motivating. We were impressed with your discussing everyday issues that employees’ face while adding a twist of humor.” Deloitte
  • "Mark is one of the most dynamic and thought provoking speakers I have heard in a long time.”
    Bowersox Insurance
  • “The depth and breadth of the resources you offer makes all the difference. From your new book to the leadership team training you provided, from your customer service training to the time you have spent with me on my personal development, you have continued to exceed our expectations. It is a pleasure to work with an organization which has the commitment to excellence that you and your staff bring to your clients.” White Water

  • “You were amazing! Everyone in attendance said it was one of the best seminars ever. Your energy was contagious and pumped up the whole room. You have a special gift to not only teach but also to entertain. We can’t wait to have you back for some more customer service training.” Big Cedar Lodge
  • “So many positive things are being said about your program. It is generating energy in our company to look at new ways of maintaining our customer base and working to exceed our company standards for customer service.”
    Bass Pro Shops