The Game in A Nutshell...


Conflict is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to separate people, harm productivity or create unhealthy tension in the working climate.

It can be puzzling to know how to manage conflict successfully, and it’s not wise to avoid it or hope that it will go away on its own. In fact, the only thing worse than resolving conflict ineffectively, is to not resolve it at all.




Managing conflict is a critical skill for leaders and managers today. The Encounter reinforces how to resolve sources of workplace conflict and lead touchy conversations successfully.

The Encounter learning experience gets participants discussing difficult scenarios (issues) that require conflict resolution. People organize into teams and draw issues cards, after discussion they select the principles cards they believe will be most helpful in resolving the situation. Teams must also contend with risk factors, mishandling and other challenges, which potentially add stress to the situation–much like the real world. Handling issues successfully results in teams advancing around the game board. Friendly competition and fun occurs as teams try to resolve Issues successfully and advance further and faster in the game.


Your learners gain helpful reminders and learn new insights for resolving workplace conflict. They learn specific tips to instill healthy accountability in their team, handle difficult conversations with poor performing employees, set reasonable expectations and change mindsets.


Improve the ability to resolve common types of workplace conflict such as: between employees, within a team, between teams, or between a supervisor and his/her employee. Learn how to communicate in ways to settle disagreement, dissatisfaction or misunderstanding more quickly and with stronger outcomes. Save time and money and bolster productivity, support your work climate and culture; and further improve the morale, teamwork and communications between people by fully equipping them to resolve inevitable conflict, effectively.


High; the specific scenarios or conflict situations can be customized to your specific needs.

Can a company trainer facilitate the game? Yes, contact us for more information.

Target Groups

Leaders, managers, supervisors, professional staff, support employees. Mixed groups of divisions, teams and departments; or as an event for a single team.

Number Of Learners

4 to 24 participants in a workshop format; larger groups possible.


1 to 2 hours.