The 5 Rules of Megavalue Selling

The 5 Rules of Megavalue Selling is a complete roadmap for salespeople who desire to differentiate from competitors with lower prices or similar offerings. Highly praised by everyone from CEO’s to national sales managers, HR professionals to entrepreneurs and salespeople, these concepts are suited to any B2B sales opportunity.

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The Bottom Line

Rule #1: Verify Value Drivers
Identify the customer’s known, undervalued or unrecognized value drivers for a convincing value message that creates distinction from competitors.

Rule #2: Adapt Your Value Message
Tailor a compelling value proposition linked to the customer’s value drivers to close sales on value not price.

Rule #3: Listen
Listen to build an accurate understanding of needs and create much-needed trust.

Rule #4: Understand The Buy
Identify all the influencers and their roles, the customer’s timeline and process to create sales strategy and positioning in the account.

Rule #5: Emphasize Evidence
Provide relevant evidence of value to risk-averse buyers and quantify the difference to the customer’s operation.

Ideally Suited For: Experienced salespeople wanting highly effective insights to selling value and differentiating from competitors; newer salespeople who understand the fundamentals; consultants and business development professionals who want to close sales at higher prices.

Advance Praise For The Book

"If you’re in denial about the way selling has changed, this book is your cold slap in the face. I’ll admit it. I could see myself in Mark Holmes’ 'fables.' He tells great stories of salespeople who still want to sell the 'old way.' Well the 'old way' may work on a few old timers. As for me, I’m obeying 'The 5 Rules of MegaValue Selling' from this day forward."
- Chris Lytle | Author of The Accidental Salesperson and The Accidental Sales Manager

“Well done! The concepts in this book are applicable to all sales situations today. I wish every salesperson in my company would read this book.”
- Larry Labedz | Delivery Executive | SAP Education | SAP America

“This is not your typical sales book. The real-life scenario of Mary landing the sale by clearly finding the value and translating it back to the customer was great. It didn’t feel like a sales book, and actually got me excited to continue reading to find out what happened next.”
- Jeremy Lux | Account Rep. | CrackerJack Shack

“Great for a new salesperson or the experienced pro that needs a reminder. Very easy to read, excellent steps on selling value.”
- Karen Mitchell | VP - Human Resources | Stratera Services

“I loved the book’s story, its excellent examples and simplicity. These ideas will have a direct impact on growing our existing client revenues.”
- Chris Bradshaw | Vice President Sales | Identification Plates, Inc.