The People Keeper

The People Keeper addresses the pressing challenge of motivating and retaining your best people. Those managers willing to provide a rewarding, positive work culture will have an edge in recruiting and retaining good salespeople, frontline employees or professional support staff.

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The Bottom Line

The Five Tenets of a People Keeper are presented in an engaging story any manager or supervisor can relate with, and above all, can utilize all as a roadmap to being the kind of boss every employee wishes for.

The People Keeper shows you how to improve retention, build up loyalty, profit from a more motivated workforce, keep better performers highly satisfied and build a reputation that truly attracts the best talent to your organization. You’ll learn the Five Tenets of how to:

• Make Employee Retention A Top Priority
• Make The Work Climate Positive
• Give Praise and Reward
• Grow The Person, Enhance The Job
• Communicate and Listen

The People Keeper’s ideas have been featured in major media like The Wall Street Journal, CBS Radio, Oil & Gas Journal, HR Executive, The Chicago Tribune and FOX Business.

Praise For The People Keeper

“Timely, relevant and a must read. Writing with remarkable clarity Holmes tackles the number one issue facing corporate America today, strengthening their magnet to attract and retain people.”
– Mark Conklin, Director Leadership Development, Chick-fil-A, Inc.

“The People Keeper teaches managers how to make their business a place that the best employees never leave because they actually enjoy going to work each day!”
– Mark Vanase, Director of Field Operations, ServiceMaster Restore

“The People Keeper is easy reading, yet a highly informative guide to recruiting, and more importantly, retaining people. I will put the ideas to use with our employees and my management staff.”
– Jim Lindemann, Executive Vice President, Emerson Electric

Ideally Suited For: Leaders, managers, supervisors and business owners who want proven ideas for motivating, recruiting or retaining the best talent in any industry.