SALESONOMICS ® is the highly validated sales method for landing appointments with and then closing long-lead, complex B2B opportunities. The book focuses on essential practices and sales strategies that experienced salespeople; sales managers, business development professionals and business owners can use to grow sales.

Readers will learn how to get past resistance and get to the right decision influencers, how to create highly effective strategic questions, develop winning sales call strategy, master the essentials to keeping an optimistic attitude and improve their personal account management productivity.

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The Bottom Line

This book takes a comprehensive look at advanced sales techniques utilized in our coaching and training. It is designed for salespeople needing to close complex or long-lead sales in strategic accounts. It is not intended for the casual reader or newcomer to sales.

The greatest value of this book can be detected from the results it’s sales concepts and methodologies have produced for sales professionals under our careful training or coaching.

Praise For Actual Results From Using Salesonomics®

“Out of ten targeted accounts we closed eight in the first year and added over $11 million in sales with your process.”
– VP Global Business Development

“We’ve repeatedly used the process over the last ten years to help us land big (millions) sales.”
– National Sales Manager

“Your strategies have enabled us to expand one customer’s annual commitment and secured the pledge of a second large customer. Previously, both had given us firm nos!”
– National Sales Manager

“I’ve personally landed over $1million in new sales in the last several months…”
– Regional Account Manager

If you would like to discuss the possible fit of these techniques with your sales objectives and landing targeted, strategic accounts, get in touch.